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We believe that our modern urban lifestyles have distanced us from the natural sources of the 'Energy of Life.' Purposefully, over the years, we have explored farms in the countryside and immersed ourselves in nature. Our desire is to share this unique experience with the friends of g'farm who support our mission.

Embracing the distinctiveness and connection with nature allows us to learn from both 'Nature' and 'Culture,' which embody the most precious forms of wisdom in 'Food and Agriculture.'

We invite you to join us on this journey.
It's easy and nearby – simply choose g'farm produce to connect with the welcoming homes of good farmers.

G'farm tours are a blend of tradition and exploration, covering both South Korea and Japan. These two neighboring countries are seamlessly connected by air and sea, offering access to the charming countryside and pristine nature in various local cities. Our full tour takes you through the vibrant blossoms of spring and the bountiful harvests of autumn, all in a compact 7-day schedule per program, immersing you in the festive spirit.


You also have the flexibility to select your preferred destination – South Korea or Japan – and whether you'd like to explore in the colorful spring or the festive autumn. Our tour groups are intentionally kept intimate, with fewer than 20 travelers per group, creating an exclusive experience for our g'farm supporters and friends.

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Spring (Mar - May)
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